How it works

Skila transforms raw return data into actionable insights, empowering you to make strategic decisions about your product.

You can leverage return data to anticipate customer needs and tailor your product offering for better market performance.

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Begin the journey with your devices right from the start. Utilize Skila to efficiently track your devices, keeping a vigilant eye on their journey from the moment they are dispatched.

Skila's advanced tracking capabilities provide comprehensive visibility into your product's life cycle. By tracking the life cycle, you can understand when and why returns happen, enabling you to make strategic decisions about product improvements. With Skila, turn your product life cycle tracking into a strategic advantage.

Display accurate delivery dates

Track warranties



Make every moment count in the consumer journey through messaging that’s built to drive engagement.

Deliver contextual, on-brand order tracking experiences to drive consumer engagement and incremental revenue.

Monitor shipment performance

Add post-purchase tracking to your website

Design emails and a contextual consumer dashboard



Our platform simplifies the return process, making it easy for you and your customers.

Skila enables you to delve deeper into each return, uncovering valuable insights. By analyzing the reasons and patterns behind returns, you can identify areas for improvement in your product design and functionality.

Free consumers from frustrating return experiences

Provide customer location pickup

Improve product design and functionality


Spare yourself the headache

With Skila you can simplify the return process while transforming it into a source of valuable insights. These insights empower businesses to improve their product design and functionality, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more successful and customer-centric business.

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